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The Immersive Labs
Resilience Score

How do you know your organization will be resilient in the face of ever-increasing and more sophisticated cyber attacks? The Immersive Labs Resilience Score uses advanced statistical techniques to help you asses, benchmark, improve, and prove your cyber resilience in a single, easy-to-understand dashboard.

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Cyber Workforce Resilience Platform

Hands-on Labs

Hands-on technical training for the enterprise

  • Offensive & Defensive Teams
  • Developers & Application Security Experts
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Security
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Technical Exercises

Team-based technical simulations to collaboratively exercise capabilities

  • Defensive Teams
  • Penetration Testing Teams
  • SOC Teams
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Organizational Exercises

Engaging crisis simulations for executive decision-makers

  • Executive Teams
  • Crisis Management Teams
  • Incident Response Teams
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Goodbye legacy training. Hello cyber resilience.

Leverage granular individual and team performance data to continuously prove capabilities across the organization, aligned to security frameworks

  • Understand human cyber capabilities
  • Measure progress using credible, well-understood metrics

It’s been really interesting for even the high level security teams to learn new skills and develop understanding in different areas. – Hamilton Capital Holding

Respond faster and more confidently to emerging threats, while improving results.

  • Reduce incident response times while improving decision-making
  • Reduce time-to-capability against emerging threats
  • Effectively manage cyber crises

Realistic simulation of current threats is the only way to test and improve response readiness and to ensure that the impact of a real attack is minimized. – Kroll

Increase efficacy in recruitment, retention, and career development.

  • Identify and hire top-quality cybersecurity talent
  • Promote career development and retain existing cybersecurity talent
  • Reduce recruiting costs

Having the ability to tailor objectives and assign specific labs means we can nurture our talent to match our cyber capability requirements. – Hamilton Capital Holding

Code securely and identify vulnerabilities in applications and cloud environments.

  • Reduce vulnerabilities early and across the SDLC
  • Reduce cloud security vulnerabilities

Immersive Labs lets us explore vulnerabilities from an offensive and defensive perspective, meaning we now have a far richer understanding of threats. – HSBC

Increase efficacy in recruitment, retention, and career development.

  • Consolidate cybersecurity training and capability management
  • Reduce reliance on third-party staffing and consultants
  • Make informed, risk-based cybersecurity investment decisions
  • Reduce risk of regulatory fines

We saved £50,000 in setup costs and over 600 man-hours saved on cybersecurity training in just one year! – BT

The world’s largest organizations
trust Immersive Labs

HSBC is a customer of Immersive Labs

The speed at which Immersive Labs produces technical content is hugely impressive, and this turnaround has helped get our teams ahead of the curve, giving them hands-on experience with serious vulnerabilities, in a secure environment, as soon as they emerge.

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TJ Campana, Head of Global Cybersecurity Operations, HSBC

Realistic simulation of current threats is the only way to test and improve response readiness, and to ensure that the impact of a real attack is minimized. Immersive Labs’ innovative platform, combined with Kroll’s extensive experience, provides the closest thing to replication of a real incident — all within a safe virtual environment.

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Paul Jackson, Regional Managing Director, APAC Cyber Risk, Kroll

We no longer worry about managing infrastructure, leaving us free to build great courses.

Daniel Duggan, Director, Zero-Point Security


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Hands-On Challenges

Forrester Consulting Study: Building Resilience

Our commissioned study evaluates global cybersecurity decision-makers’ perception of their organization’s cyber resilience. Despite high confidence in overall resilience, the data show that their teams are insufficiently prepared for attacks.

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ESG: Why Traditional Cyber Training Fails

Legacy cybersecurity training strategies fail to prepare individuals and teams for modern, advanced threats, leaving security leaders uncertain and organizations exposed. New strategies capable of increasing and measuring the cyber acumen across the workforce are needed for successful risk mitigation.

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