Keep your team hungry for more with gamification.

The statistics are undeniable. Gamification keeps learners engaged, rewarded and coming back for more.
That’s why our labs utilise gamification: learning that’s fun is learning that’s effective.

Harness the power of competition

Combining game mechanics with real-life scenarios
We employ game mechanics such as experience points, rewards and leaderboards to encourage healthy competition and get users hooked on learning. Coupled with real-life scenarios and the latest threat intel, our labs sharpen your team's skills like nothing else.
"We viciously monitor the leaderboard and we have people who, within minutes of knowing that someone has overtaken them on the leaderboard, will then spend the next hour or two on the platform to leave the other person in their wake!"
Iain Ashall, SOC Team Lead at ITC Secure

Learn like hackers and stay ahead of the game

Improving your team's learning experience
To defend against hackers, your team must first understand how they think. Our platform encourages the use of initiative to solve problems, eliciting characteristics such as curiosity and perseverance. This is not spoon-fed training that will be forgotten in weeks – this is learning that will truly make a difference to your organisation's risk posture.

Reduce your cyber risk with our adaptive learning platform

Arrange a call with our team and we’ll demonstrate how our powerful, expertly developed labs, alongside our other unique features, can help your organisation.

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