Assess your team's cyber capabilities

Set assessment paths to find out how capable your team and future recruits are.


Identify your team's cyber strengths and weaknesses

Use our assessment tool to review staff and applicants

As a manager, you can set any of the platform's labs as an assessment for both existing staff and potential recruits, helping you determine their progress or suitability for a role.

View detailed analytics on each completed assessment

Hiring managers can view in-depth reports on those who have completed a particular assessment, including statistics on accuracy and time taken to complete the challenge(s).

Benchmark cyber skills to be sure your team are the best they can be

The assessment tool can be used to benchmark skills needed within a customised security role framework using exam-style conditions, all from your own browser.

The Immersive Labs way

Reduce risk the Immersive way

Organisations are struggling to recruit, train and retain cyber security talent. Immersive Labs brings an innovative approach to identifying, measuring and developing cyber skills, while acknowledging that the best cyber talent want to learn — not be taught. With our practical, intuitive learning platform, you can:

Identify the best cyber talent
Assess your team's cyber capabilities
Recruit your next superstar
Develop your team from novices to ninjas
Retain your top people

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