After graduating from university with a non-technical degree, Amy Kwong was determined to expand her cybersecurity skills. To achieve this goal, Amy Enrolled in the Immersive Labs Cyber Million program, an initiative that aims to close the cyber skills gap through hands-on learning.

“While completing the program,” Amy recalls, “I was struck by the statistic revealing that 88% of security breaches result from human error.” Given Immersive Labs’ commitment to increasing cyber resilience through a people-centric approach, this revelation steered Amy toward opportunities at the organization.

Amy’s role at Immersive Labs

As a Junior Cybersecurity Engineer on the Content Team. Amy finds the perfect intersection of her technical expertise and creativity. “Our team rarely works on the same project for more than a quarter,” she explains, “which constantly exposes us to new cybersecurity content, allowing us to refine our technical skills.” Crafting cybersecurity labs and exercises on diverse topics is a collaborative effort that fuels continuous learning and growth.

What makes Immersive Labs special for Amy?

The inclusive culture at Immersive Labs seamlessly facilitated Amy’s transition from academia to the corporate world. “Initially daunting,” she admits, “the supportive community here made it a walk in the park.” Even when faced with technical challenges, Amy feels reassured by her team’s readiness to lend support and guidance.

Amy’s proudest achievements

Throughout her journey at Immersive Labs, Amy has achieved numerous milestones. Among her proudest accomplishments is creating a US version of the Phishing Emails lab, which showcases her adaptability and commitment to excellence.

“I created two labs on the Active Directory Basics Collection, a US version of the original Phishing Emails lab, helped with the CAT Baselining Assessments, and Network Hardening Scenario, and carried out work on the BAU team.”

Finding balance beyond work

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important for Amy. In addition to her professional endeavors, she participates in pottery-making classes, takes short-haul holidays, and nurtures her passions for travel, badminton, concerts, and playing the piano.

Advice for others interested in cyber

Amy offers valuable advice for those considering a career at Immersive Labs or venturing into cybersecurity: I highly recommend Cyber Million as this is free and is designed to give anyone dedicated enough the skills to land their first role in tech.”

Amy encourages everyone to upskill their technical knowledge: “Whether you are a police officer or have a degree in anthropology, your unique background brings assets and fresh approaches to tackling complex cybersecurity issues. There are many ways to upskill your technical knowledge to help you land your first role in tech!”

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May 30, 2024


Immersive Labs