Andy Medlyn’s interest in engaging, hands-on experiences ultimately inspired him to pursue a role at Immersive Labs nearly three years ago. He explains, “I’m really into my gaming, and when I heard that Immersive Labs was gamified cybersecurity, I was sold!” With experience working in the tech industry in a previous role, transitioning to Immersive Labs also offered a familiar environment in addition to a step up, as he took on the payroll manager position

Andy’s role at Immersive Labs

Andy’s contagious positivity is apparent as he explains his role. “My role is to ultimately make my colleagues happy by bestowing upon them the wonders of Pay Day!” 

He elaborates on how despite payroll being largely finance-centred, his role involves collaborating with other areas of the business. Andy works with the people team for onboarding processing, sales operations for commission elements, and the compensation and benefits team for the annual pay review process, covering the 15 countries where Immersive Labs currently has employees.

One thing Andy has grown to appreciate about his job is the cyclical workflow, as he works month to month to close out pay periods. He enjoys closing off each pay period, gaining a satisfying sense of achievement before focusing on the next pay period.

Andy’s proudest moment at Immersive Labs

In 2022, Andy took on the great task of organizing Immersive Labs’ involvement in the annual Bristol Pride parade. This role involved shepherding Immersive Labs employees around the parade as they were “living their best lives and promoting Immersive Labs in the city.” 

Additionally, he organized an expo tent at the Pride festival site, which facilitated face-to-face interactions with the general public. Andy admits that, “although this seemed particularly daunting at first, it was actually a brilliant opportunity to chat with a huge variety of people from all walks of life.” With over 20,000 attendees at Bristol Pride that year, the scope was enormous, offering the chance to connect with potential future colleagues.

What sets Immersive Labs apart?

For Andy, Immersive Labs differentiates itself from other workplaces in two main ways: the first being the company’s mission of helping the world’s largest organizations prepare their people for cyber threats. “The company and the senior leadership team are driven to really make a difference in the cybersecurity landscape,” Andy explains.

His second point emphasizes the most important asset Immersive Labs offers: its people. “Everyone is really good at what they do and they are not afraid to offer support.” He also emphasizes his gratitude for the opportunity to meet new coworkers through the extracurricular activities that Immersive Labs offers. “I’ve made some good connections to people in various departments that I probably would not have usually met naturally through work, all because of the different events held in the office. This has ranged from a Zumba class in our Fitness Suite to Christmas Wreath making – I love to get involved in these events.”

Finding a work-life balance

Andy credits his work-life balance to the variety of benefits Immersive Labs offers, including the hybrid working model. “Being able to work from home for a few days in the week has been a game-changer.  It means that my husband and I could finally get a dog and expand our family.” 

He also appreciates the flexibility to be able to fit in a gym session during some lunch breaks a couple of days a week, explaining how “it’s keeping me active and focused to continue my fitness journey.” Andy paid for gym membership using another Immersive Labs benefit, his Physical Wellness Fund, which each employee receives annually to encourage employees’ commitment to their own physical wellness.

Beyond the job

Outside of work, Andy loves gaming and can often be found on the PS5 during downtime. However, he also enjoys board games of all kinds, with Wingspan being one of his favorites.  

He also loves to travel, utilizing Immersive Labs’ four weeks of paid time off adventuring around the world. Andy mentions some of his top trips, recalling, “Thailand was stunning (where my husband and I got engaged) and Las Vegas was a very different honeymoon location.”

Additionally, Andy is a member of an LGBTQIA+ choir in Bristol called SingOut Bristol, where he’s embraced the opportunity to meet new people, all while scratching his creative itch and love of performing. 

Finally, Andy makes sure to dedicate as much spare time as possible to his passion for drag.  “I love drag.  Not the racing, but more Rupaul.  It’s the creativity involved; the looks, the performance, the comedy, the safe queer space… it’s just all [motions for chef’s kiss].”

Advice for those considering applying to Immersive Labs

What is Andy’s advice to all of those thinking of applying to Immersive Labs? “Don’t hesitate. The fast-paced environment requires the ability to be dynamic to meet the company’s needs, but that’s what makes it enjoyable.”

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June 21, 2024


Immersive Labs