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Phew – you made it!

Wipe the sweat from your brow because your first brush with ransomware is over. Of course, this was just a taster of the real thing. We hope you feel more ready for ransomware than you did before – and enjoyed taking part in the world’s first Global Cyber Crisis Exercise.

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How the Ransomware Task Force is combating the threat

You’ve seen what ransomware can do to your business – and the threat is only growing. The Ransomware Task Force’s comprehensive framework is a vital resource in taking action against this urgent and prevalent threat.

Weathering a crisis is about having the right mindset. Here's the best way to prepare for a crisis.

When you're dealing with never-before-seen threats, the factor that'll get you through to the other side isn't your crisis handbook. It's your mindset. Explore the psychology of effective crisis response and take a deep dive into micro-drilling to power up your incident response. 

From scareware to cyber extortion: the many faces of ransomware

You’d be forgiven for thinking ransomware was a strictly 21st century problem. In truth, it’s been around for a while – and has gone through a fair few transformations. From scareware to cyber extortion, journey with us through the full evolution of ransomware.

Keen to discover more about tackling cyber crises?

Speak to any crisis expert, and they’ll tell you that half of the challenge is about mindset. Cyber crises are no different. Luckily, and as you will have just experienced, there are a number of ways you can ensure your entire workforce – your technical and your non-technical teams – can be ready and armed for when the worst happens.

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