A day in the life of Simon, Internal Communications Executive

It’s 07:17 on a Wednesday. Or is it Thursday? I started living in hours instead of days a few weeks ago – it’s easier this way.

I’m awake. Normally I’d be getting ready, deliberating between overnight oats from Pret or a chocolate croissant from Tesco on my way into the office (depending how far into the month we are). Lately it’s been a large coffee and buttered toast to start the day. Still, I’m making the most of it – enjoying my morning coffee on the balcony and admiring the plants I haven’t killed yet, while the birds chime away. 

My calendar informs me it’s Monday. Not sure how I thought it could have been Wednesday off the back of a whole weekend, but there you go. 

Home-working days at Immersive Labs always start on the same note: a morning team call. Pre-pandemic protocol called for a weekly team meeting on a Monday, and a debrief on Friday. But given the new world we’re working in, it just made sense to have a daily check-in to see how everyone is doing. The calls also serve as a reminder that there’s a whole team on the other end of your laptop, just a click away. It helps. 

Each meeting starts with us sharing what we did the previous evening and how we’re doing that day out of 10. I’m an 8 – some oats would have bumped me up to a 9. Then it’s time to go over what we’re working on today. This week we’ve also added something new to the mix: our Lead Resourcer takes us around his house, in a sort of People and Talent team’s take on MTV Cribs. We heard another team had done it and loved the idea! Highlights today include a huge garden with a gazebo and a really cool Wookiee-looking mask. It’s my turn on Wednesday – no pressure! 

After the call, I edit a video from a company call we had on Friday. There’s a few of these calls throughout the month, but every other Friday our content team and its many cybersecurity experts host a Magic Session. A member or two of the team enlighten the less ‘cyber’ among us with something new. It keeps everyone in the company engaged in our field, and we always learn something! Last Friday we delved into the online anonymity Dark Web with Max Vetter. We learnt about online anonymity, Tor and the Tor Hidden Services (aka the Dark Web); we even visited a few websites selling narcotics, guns and hacking services. Part of what I do is set up these calls, make sure everyone is aware they’re taking place and can access the call easily. The video is edited and uploaded to the intranet. I give the site a quick once-over to check nothing else needs updating. Looks good. Moving on. 

Next is planning Pride. Today is going to be a good day! A gay man working in internal comms means everyone in the business is fully aware that Pride is among us. It also means that the office gets a colourful makeover, culminating in a large number of us taking to the streets for our local pride parade. Unfortunately, things won’t be quite the same this year, which is why pride 2020 has been harder than usual to plan. Our Culture and Community Champions and I want to maintain the spirit of pride, so for June’s company social we’re challenging our colleagues to create their own mini pride floats. At the end of the month we’ll be hosting our own virtual pride parade, followed by a pride themed pub quiz and a few drinks. 

It’s 13:00 and for lunch we have a cottage cheese and avocado salad. I’m on a lockdown diet and somewhere along the way I decided to punish myself by foregoing the last few pleasures I had left. After I eat, I water my plants (because I totally forgot to this morning) and annoy my cat on my way back to my desk, simply because I can.

I finish off my lunch by calling my aunt. I grew up in Malta and most of my family is still there, so for me this whole self-isolation thing felt a little overkill. Thank god for technology. Things back home seem to be getting back to normal, which is nice. My aunt wishes me an amazing pride, because she’s sweet like that, and I get back to work. 

After lunch we have our Monday stand-up. 

This week’s agenda was packed. Among the usual business updates, a new-starter was introduced – yes, we’re still recruiting, because cybersecurity never sleeps – and we announced that the business raised well over £2,000 for charity during an internal fitness challenge held across mental health awareness week (as well as the charities we’re be donating to). 

After the stand-up, everyone gets back to their respective day. I move on to writing up our pride comms to share with the rest of my colleagues. The planning for this will probably take over everything in the next week or two, but it’ll be worth it. And you can be sure that whatever we get up to, will be shared on our Instagram page. So if you don’t already, head on over and give us a follow. 

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