Cyber Resilience Summit

19 October 2023
McLaren Technology Centre
11:00 AM BST


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In today’s fast-paced digital era, organizations are grappling with increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, including those posed by AI.

In this ever-changing environment, cyber resilience — the ability to effectively prepare for, and respond to, cyber threats — has taken center stage, reshaping strategies and demanding continuous evolution.

Join Immersive Labs at the McLaren Technology Centre for an exclusive experience. Test your skills on the track with McLaren’s signature Pit Stop Challenge and navigate the intricate facets of cyber resilience, including the complacency problem plaguing many cyber professionals.

Join the IL Roster & Experience the Speed of Cyber

Networking Reception on the McLaren boulevard

McLaren Factory Tours & Pit Stop Challenge

Innovation Showcase and Product Roadmap

2023 Resilience Trends and their Implications for the Future of Cybersecurity

Driving Cyber Resilience in the Age of AI