Align human capability to your actual cyber risks

To stand prepared against an ever evolving threat landscape, your organization needs an increasingly skilled cyber workforce. Immersive Labs’ unique approach to human cyber readiness moves you beyond generic training courses and certifications to interactive skills content that’s directly relevant to the risks you face.

Tool up at the speed of cyber

Passive classroom-based training just can’t keep pace with the continuously evolving threat landscape. Immersive Labs’ interactive, hands-on skills content empowers individuals and teams across your business to build the most relevant cybersecurity expertise, and expand those skills in the face of new challenges.

Uncover hidden cybersecurity talent across your organization

Technical teams are full of individuals clearly talented enough to transition into more specialized roles in cybersecurity. Content in Immersive Labs is designed to progress users through the concepts, tools and techniques required for a career in cybersecurity.

Built by experts and powered by the latest intelligence

Our approach to skills development puts real tools and threat actor techniques in the hands of those tasked with defending against them. Our skills content experts have extensive experience in training blue and red teams as well as law enforcement and intelligence services.

Challenging security teams to diversify their skills

Security teams don’t get to face attacks for real every day. Immersive Labs creates a safe proving ground for users to test out unused tools and problem-solving techniques, while managers can easily task teams with the skill objectives most relevant to business risks.

Looking for New Talent?

Finding the right security talent is easier said than done. Roles require an intricate mix of skill sets, and candidates’ abilities fade fast from learning through traditional approaches such as class-room training and certifications, leaving knowledge gaps before you even hire someone.

We help you fix this problem by allowing organizations to upskill and test applicants against the specific skills required. This also eliminates subconscious hiring bias early in the process.