Develop your novices and your ninjas

Upskill everyone - from IT Support to CEO - and help make your organisation as secure as it can be.


Protect your organisation and clients by ensuring your team are on top of their game

Hundreds of labs at your team's fingertips

Immersive Labs has hundreds of challenges on the platform, covering everything from shoulder surfing through to reverse engineering advanced malware. Your teams can improve their cyber readiness regardless of where they sit within the organisation.

Learn anytime, anywhere with browser-based labs

Immersive Labs is completely browser-based, with no special software or plug-ins necessary and no complex integrations, so you can take advantage of the platform within hours of approval. This is not about traditional e-learning or training days.

Range of topics and disciplines, suitable for all abilities

Our customers, including BAE Systems, Deloitte and Goldman Sachs, use Immersive Labs to improve their cyber skills in everything from Awareness and Security Analysis through to Incident Response and Digital Forensics.

New content every week

Skills are kept up to date and continuous learning is encouraged. We respond to public cyber attacks very quickly: we have previously released real malware viruses in our secure malware analysis labs like WannaCry, Not Petr and StalinLocker on the same day they were discovered.

Order bespoke labs and content

If you want your team to learn something specific that we have not yet covered in our labs, we can create content that fits to your desired learning outcome. The intellectual property remains with the client, and these customised labs cannot be accessed by users outside of the owning enterprise.

Create customised skill paths

As a manager, you can map customised skill paths to in-house job roles and assign them to particular staff. You can monitor your team's progress and use our platform to evidence continuous skills development, reducing your organisation’s risk of cyber attack.

We are a CREST Approved Training Provider


We have over 100 labs to help you study towards CREST CPSA and CREST CRT examinations. The approved labs on our platform are clearly signposted with the CREST logo, so you can be confident that these labs are suitable learning resources to help you gain your CREST accreditation.

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The Immersive Labs way

Reduce risk the Immersive way

Organisations are struggling to recruit, train and retain cyber security talent. Immersive Labs brings an innovative approach to identifying, measuring and developing cyber skills, while acknowledging that the best cyber talent want to learn — not be taught. With our practical, intuitive learning platform, you can:

Identify the best cyber talent
Assess your team's cyber capabilities
Recruit your next superstar
Develop your team from novices to ninjas
Retain your top people

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