All the features of a cyber range without leaving your desk

Our Immersive Labs practical learning environment is the perfect match for your company if you’re looking for a game changing way to:

- Keep your existing teams skills up to date with the latest cyber threats
- Find hidden talent in your existing workforce
- Looking for a practical environment to put your team to the test
- Track individual and teams progress across multiple locations
- Save money on dated and expensive classroom based courses

Immersive Labs Feature TourImmersive Labs Feature Tour

Gamified. Challenging. Fun.

Organisations subscribe to an annual licence which provides simple ongoing access to a variety of different lab types, features and functions

Profile Progression

Progression and Levelling

Level up! Every lab successfully completed will contribute to your total XP. With some lab series offering up to 200 XP, every user has a compelling reason to strive and complete every lab.




Use your company’s leaderboards to encourage competition between your colleagues. We’ve seen healthy competition encourages and drives individuals to complete more labs, learning more in the process. See how each one of your team stands against each other and offer further support in areas where they are struggling.

All-in-one cloud based platform

Organisations subscribe to an annual licence which provides ongoing access to a variety of different lab types, features and functions


Get access to real desktops and servers with the ability to execute live malware in an off-premise environment via the browser.

On Demand Cyber Range

Learn anywhere, anytime. As long as you have an internet connection you can get into any of our labs.

Multiple Labs

Hundreds of labs accessible anywhere anytime on advanced cyber topics including malware analysis, digital forensics, ethical hacking and investigations. We add four new labs every Friday to keep your team's skills up to date.

No special software required

Get up and running today

  • No software downloads
  • No integrations
  • Seamless access to Kali and Remnux
  • Just a HTML5 browser is required

Copy and paste is supported between corporate desktops and labs to make exercise completion simple and effective.

Immersive Labs Dashboard

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