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The 4 Factors leading
to vulnerable applications

The release of vulnerable applications creates significant risk. Despite this, 81% of DevOps teams admitted to knowingly releasing software they knew to be flawed. Our research asked hundreds of DevOps and Security teams at large organizations why this was:

Lack of Time & Resources: Security Teams

39%had enoughtime toshift left

Do you have enough timeto help the dev teamsecure applications?


Inadequate Training & Threat Intelligence

3 out of 4dev teams receive threat intelweekly or less

50%of orgs rely onclassroom training toupskill their devs

Disconnect: front-line workers & managers


Head of DevOps80%

Security Staff50%


*Percentage of 'yes' respondents

Is AppSec a critical part of your job?

Disconnect: security & dev teams

Do you believe yourapplicationscould withstand a targeted attack?

44%Security Staff Agree

66%Devs Agree

Immersive Labs empowers organizations to increase, measure and demonstrate human capabilities in every part of their cybersecurity.

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Immersive Labs enables you to evidence your cyber capability, risk and resilience across technical and non-technical teams in one platform. We call this cyber workforce optimization.

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