Our mission is your human cyber readiness

You don’t need us to tell you that attacks and breaches happen. What’s most important is an organization’s response, and that response can’t be put solely in the virtual hands of technology, automation or artificially intelligent machines. The cyber humans of your business must stand prepared in the face of emerging threats.

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Attackers are continuously powering up. Are you?

You can’t build human cyber readiness in a classroom. From the moment linear, once a year training courses are over, relevant cyber skills begin to decay. Immersive Labs keeps your teams in touch with the latest tools and attack techniques.

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Shifting the balance of power to the humans in cybersecurity

Immersive Labs delivers hands-on, challenge-based skill experiences, covering everything from how to spell the word ‘cyber’ to technical tools, threat hunting, and malware analysis. But more importantly, it provides businesses with evidence of human expertise and readiness.

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Meeting 40,000 cybersecurity challenges every single day

What if your business was full of experts in the risks you’re facing? Organizations like yours from all over the world are harnessing the power of their cyber humans to stand prepared in the face of emerging cyberthreats.

Immersive Labs has definitely increased our competency and has improved our ability to investigate incidents, understand threats and tune our controls to prevent them.

The practical, hands-on exercises have a real impact on engagement and evidence meaningful progression for our team.

Consultants find the gamification in Immersive Labs a fun and engaging way to improve their skills and compete with colleagues.

Ready to see for yourself?

Take a tour of our platform including the chance to get hands-on with emerging threats, CTF style challenges and playable cyber crisis simulations.

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