What is Human Cyber Readiness?

You don’t need us to tell you that attacks and breaches happen. What’s most important is an organization’s response, and that response can’t be put solely in the virtual hands of technology, automation or artificially intelligent machines. The cyber humans of your business must stand prepared in the face of emerging threats

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How can you calculate Human Cyber Readiness?

Human Cyber Readiness is built on 3 core foundations, Equipping, Exercising and Evidencing


Align human capability to your actual cyber risks

To stand prepared against an ever evolving threat landscape, your organization needs an increasingly skilled cyber workforce. Immersive Labs’ unique approach to human cyber readiness moves you beyond generic training courses and certifications to interactive skills content that’s directly relevant to the risks you face.

Calculate your score in under 5 minutes


Battle-test teams against real-world techniques and threats

Traditional approaches to cybersecurity training are focused on skills transfer and “covering” subject areas. At Immersive Labs, we only care about two things: do experiences in our platform better prepare organizations to respond when facing an incident, and – just as importantly – can that be proven?

Calculate your score in under 5 minutes


Measure and visualize your organization’s cyber expertise

Tracking and monitoring the human cyber capabilities in your technical teams is vital to understanding your risks and how to mitigate them. Evidence of expertise is more than just a performance metric – it can help organizations pinpoint and act on areas of increased risk.

Calculate your score in under 5 minutes

The only question left is, how ready are you?

How it works:

Answer the questions, get your score, and receive a bespoke report highlighting your strengths and weaknesses

Under taking the Human Cyber Readiness Score will take about 5 minutes. We split the questions into the 3 pillars of evidencing, exercising and equipping. Once you've completed the questions we'll email you (usually within a few minutes) to let you know your score and link with your bespoke report based on your answers.

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We help businesses to increase and evidence human capability in every part of cybersecurity.