Immersive labs. We’re more than an enterprise cyber range.

We’re a practical learning environment for everyone. We’re closing the skills gap. We are Immersive Labs.

One platform. Endless possibilities.

Immersive labs is a game-changing practical learning environment for enabling organisations to close the skills gap. Spinup over 250 labs on topics like malware and ethical web hacking through your browser, anywhere, anytime without specialist software or plug-ins. With labs suitable for all from novice to ninja, conquer the skills gap with Immersive Labs today.

What is Immersive Labs?


Users are expected to complete labs through self-research. Remember we’ll signpost clues as to what to research to help you on the way, but you have to find the answer.

Product Overview


We've created hundreds of on-demand, cloud-hosted cyber labs from novice to ninja, enabling anyone, at any level, to begin developing cyber security knowledge and practical skills.


Earn points and badges for completing exercises, and place your team members in a company-wide leaderboard to encourage healthy competition. A new, fun way to learn.

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  • Over 250 labs, on-demand 24/7
  • Real world cyber lab challenges suitable from novice to ninja
  • No special software or plug-in needed
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