Identify the best cyber talent

Your next cyber hero could be in IT Support right now. Discover new and hidden talent in your organisation.


Finding hidden talent in your organisation couldn't be easier

Hundreds of labs that cater for all abilities and levels

Suitable for everyone from beginners to top-tier cyber professionals, our content demonstrates the tools needed to safeguard organisations, analyse the latest attacks and reduce the risk of compromise.

Spot talent with detailed reporting features

Your organisation may boast individuals with an aptitude for cyber skills who are currently working in other areas. Through the platform's reporting and analytics features, you can identify this hidden talent.

Save time and money by recruiting internally

By using the internal jobs portal, non-cyber security personnel can demonstrate their commitment to completing labs and be encouraged into cyber security roles, saving you time and money on external recruitment.

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The Immersive Labs way

Reduce risk the Immersive way

Organisations are struggling to recruit, train and retain cyber security talent. Immersive Labs brings an innovative approach to identifying, measuring and developing cyber skills, while acknowledging that the best cyber talent want to learn — not be taught. With our practical, intuitive learning platform, you can:

Identify the best cyber talent
Assess your team's cyber capabilities
Recruit your next superstar
Develop your team from novices to ninjas
Retain your top people

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