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Application Security Labs

Organizations are continuously developing, updating and improving applications and infrastructure. Immersive Labs delivers a wide range of challenge-based experiences to equip teams across the entire software lifecycle to identify, fix and prevent security vulnerabilities in your applications.

Securing applications through skills development

The Immersive Labs platform provides regularly updated content to cover popular languages and frameworks, cloud security, and emerging threats. Our Application Security offering is designed to be understood and used by everyone involved in the lifecycle of an application, from your front-line developers, to QA/testing, operations, product managers and architects.

Continuous development

Keep the capabilities of developers and engineers relevant: as new vulnerabilities, tools and techniques emerge, so does the content your team learns from.

Explore attacks

Increase understanding by taking a step by step look at how attackers exploit vulnerabilities in the code. Helping understand the impact of the vulnerability.rn

Threat alignment

Progress through real life gamified narratives based on everything from OWASP Top Ten and CWE Top 25.

Actionable insights

Analyse and visualize the security capabilities of the entire SDLC, either as an overview or in granular detail.

Popular language and framework series

Tackle more than 40 lab series of varying difficulty, across application security, cloud security and web app hacking. These can be assigned as objectives to teams or individuals, providing managers with increased data on the strengths and weaknesses of security in the SDLC.

Security risks in the SDLC

A recent Immersive Labs report, in conjunction with Osterman research, highlights the need for organizations to take urgent action surrounding the human elements of application vulnerabilities.


Only 27% of front-line developers view appsec as a critical part of their responsibilitiesrn


44% of security practitioners felt they had the time to work with developers to secure applications


Just 54% of security respondents believe developers understand the latest threats to application security.rn


81% of developers admitted to knowingly releasing vulnerable code, likely unaware of the impact it poses to their organization.rn

Organization’s existing information sharing, education and training methods are identified as outdated and insufficient. In many cases they’re unable to match a fast paced threat landscape and dynamic technology fundamentals.

The OWASP Top 10 and more

Immersive Labs on-demand content includes hundreds of individual labs that extensively cover the OWASP top 10 as well as a wide range of other vulnerabilities and common misconfigurations.

Immersive Labs enables you to evidence your cyber capability, risk and resilience across technical and non-technical teams in one platform. We call this cyber workforce optimization.

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