Leave the classroom where it belongs – in the past.

There’s another way to power up your team’s cyber skills – and they can do it while social distancing. Get practical, hands-on, gamified cybersecurity labs informed by real-world events and threats from the comfort of your own home with Immersive Labs.

Download the Ultimate Cyber Skills Strategy Cheat Sheet to find out how you can leave the classroom behind for good.

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Don’t wait for the lockdown to lift to boost your organization’s human cyber readiness.

Human cyber readiness isn’t built in a classroom or in front of a PowerPoint deck – and that was never truer than now. While you wait for in-person courses to start again – and who knows when that’ll be? – your team’s skills are eroding. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for threat actors, who are busier than ever making the most of the current crisis.

But we have the solution.

Immersive Labs is the world’s first fully interactive, gamified and on-demand cyber readiness platform. Continuously hone vital cyber talent, assess your security capabilities, and reveal relevant risk, without the need for breaking quarantine. Learn about the future of human cyber readiness – and why the classroom must be left in the past – by downloading the Ultimate Cyber Skills Cheat Sheet today.

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Take a tour of our platform including the chance to get hands-on with emerging threats, CTF style challenges and playable cyber crisis simulations.

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