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Here at Immersive Labs we seek out diverse individuals with mountains of enthusiasm and a broad range of experience to build the best product possible.

Here at Immersive Labs we seek out diverse individuals with mountains of enthusiasm and a broad range of experience to build the best product possible. We recruit the best talent from all over the world, who come up with ingenious solutions that inspire us to do and be the best.


Meet the team

Senior Leadership Team

James Hadley

Founder and CEO

James is an ex-GCHQ security researcher and instructor. He founded Immersive Labs in January 2017 and launched the world’s first Digital Cyber Academy. He leads day-to-day operations and strategic roadmap.

Rupert Cook

Chief Strategy Officer

With an extensive background in corporate development in the cyber security sector, Rupert is responsible for the corporate strategic outlook ensuring Immersive Labs hits its growth targets across all regions.

Sam Gillon

Sales & Commercial Director

Sam is responsible for the sales function at Immersive Labs. His team handles marketing, new business, sales and account management. If you want to learn more about Immersive Labs, click on the 'request a demo' button.

Kevin Breen

Director of Content

Kevin heads up the content and support team. He is responsible for creating all the challenges you see on the platform and ensuring that immersive new content is delivered every week.

Fred McGroarty

Product Director

Fred leads the development team responsible for the underlying platform and features you'll see when using Immersive Labs.

Greg Craft

Talent Director

Greg specialises in people, development and employment; this includes managing our Digital Cyber Academies and their users. He also manages our internal HR, resourcing and development function.

Katherine Taylor-Jones

Finance Director

Katherine leads the finance team and is responsible for the financial performance of the company. She also oversees our project management and office support.

Stuart Laidlaw

Strategic Accounts Director

Stuart is responsible for ensuring Immersive Labs customers receive the very best service and for implementing enterprise sales strategy, having previously founded an AI-based cyber security business.

Alice Biggar

General Counsel

Alice heads up the legal team at Immersive Labs. She is responsible for overseeing all legal and compliance matters, while providing practical commercial advice and guidance to the business.

Advisory Board

Our globally renowned advisory board offers Immersive Labs unparalleled industry knowledge with excellent understandings of the cyber threat landscape, as well as valuable insight into the inner workings of HR and the cyber recruitment challenges facing enterprise business.

  • Robert Hannigan
  • Matt Lewis, NCC Research Director
  • Vincenzo Iozzo, Director, Crowdstrike
  • Lord Anthony St John of Bletso
  • Karel Obluk, General Partner, Evolution Equity Partners
  • Jane Orme, Corporate Development Director, Venture Equity Partners

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