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Cyber Workforce Optimization
The One Platform that Powers Your Entire Organization

McLaren Formula 1 Team selects Immersive Labs as Official Partner supporting cyber workforce optimization

Certification doesn’t cut it. Training doesn’t even touch the surface. Technology simply isn’t enough. Today, true resilience requires knowledge, skills and judgment across your entire organization, maintained at the speed of cyber. It requires Cyber Workforce Optimization (CWO), a SaaS platform that redefines how technical and non-technical roles within an organization can protect against cyberattacks—continually, successfully.

All Together.
More Resilient.

Cybersecurity is no longer just the responsibility of IT or the CISO. Everyone has a part to play—and everyone must be resilient, without fail.

For the first time ever, human knowledge, skills and judgment are transformed into powerful security controls, thanks to Cyber Workforce Optimization—a single platform that enables organizations to continually measure and refine these controls in a way that keeps constant pace with threats.

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Immersive Labs' threat intelligence labs help HSBC reduce cyber risk

Immersive Labs is on a whole other level compared to other platforms. The interactivity of the labs, their closeness to real-world scenarios is amazing! I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and skills around security tools, finding and exploiting vulnerabilities.

AppSec Engineer

Measure, map, maximize organizational cyber capabilities—continually

How do you prove your organization is secure? How do you measure it? Can you prove it to a third party—your regulators, customers, investors or shareholders? Immersive Labs’ CWO empowers organizations to measure, map to risk, and optimize cyber capabilities of the entire workforce.

Key Dependency:


Entire organizational cyber crisis resilience

Benchmark cyber workforce capability against other organizations

How we do it

Effective security operations

Evidence capability using common industry frameworks

How we do it

Incident- and crisis-ready leadership

Develop confidence and speed of incident response

How we do it

Application security

Reduce the risk of vulnerabilities appearing in production

How we do it

Secure infrastructure

Secure in-house designs and security architecture

How we do it

Governance, risk and compliance

Identify potential shortfalls in GRC programs

Coming soon

Supply Chain assurance

Evidence supply chain efficacy with tie backs to policies and processes

Coming soon

Cyber Resilience, Readiness, Confidence. Let’s Get Started.

Tour our platform and get hands-on with emerging threats, CTF-style challenges and playable cyber crisis simulations.

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Immersive Labs enables you to evidence your cyber capability, risk and resilience across technical and non-technical teams in one platform. We call this cyber workforce optimization.

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