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Immersive Labs partners with Kroll to deliver remote crisis exercise to Thailand Banking. 

Organizational Background 

ThaiCERT is the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) for Thailand, and the official point of contact for dealing with computer security incidents in the Thai Internet community.


Kroll, in partnership with Immersive Labs, was asked to design and deliver an incident response tabletop exercise to the Thai Banking CERT (TB-CERT) and its 27 member banks. Tabletop exercises would normally be delivered face to face in a boardroom environment. However, in order to share the learning with hundreds of people within the sector – and taking into account pandemic travel restrictions – TB-CERT required the exercise to be delivered remotely.


TB-CERT delivered a successful event alongside Kroll’s security risk team by developing a crisis scenario that was delivered using Immersive Labs’ Cyber Crisis Simulator. The process took less than one month from start to finish.

Exercising and analyzing human cyber readiness with Immersive Labs gives business leaders the confidence that their human assets will respond to cyber incidents with maximum effectiveness.

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