Equipping your cyber workforce to succeed

A platform for all abilities
Immersive Labs is a complete service, built by experts and designed to reduce your organisation's risk through continuous development of cyber skills. At the heart of our platform are labs: story-driven exercises that you can spin up in your browser in seconds. We have hundreds of practical, gamified labs dedicated to a huge range of cyber skills and mapped against industry frameworks.

Delivering results with our up-to-the-minute SaaS platform

Entirely browser based
Available through any browser 24/7 so your team can learn anytime, anywhere.
Reduced Mean Time to Learn
Enable your team to understand threats in hours rather than months.
Adaptive learning
Give your team a learning environment that works for them.
Learn like a hacker
Our labs challenge users to persevere and find their own solutions.
CREST-approved labs
Over 100 of our labs are CREST-approved, helping your team to achieve industry-recognised certifications.
Spin up any lab in seconds
Don't wait for hours to get started. Our browser-based labs begin in seconds.
Real-time content
Fresh content developed by experts as threats emerge.
Real life scenarios
Our labs are built around real-world events, ensuring content is relevant to your organisation.

Immersive Intelligence

Turning threat intelligence into actionable knowledge
A lab-based learning environment that combines threat intelligence with relevant and real-time learning, helping security teams to handle emerging threats the same day they're discovered.

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Compelling, actionable insights

Utilising data to remove your weaknesses
Identify strengths and weaknesses in your teams and assign bespoke learning objectives to ensure your organisation is covered from every angle.

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Adaptive learning

For the curious
Engage your team with real-life, gamified, up-to-the-minute content that inspires curiosity and motivates them to continually learn.

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