Security Boulevard: Threats at the Kitchen Table: Balancing Cybersecurity & Usability In A Remote Workforce

In this webinar, we look at turning those scrambled, short term band-aids into long term solutions. When your IT estate is scattered across the world on kitchen tables and sofas, how do you make sure it’s safe and secure? When team members can’t pop down to IT with a concern about a link they clicked, how do you encourage best in class security practices? When most of your workforce have never worked remotely before, how do you balance business productivity with cybersecurity? 

As this scenario unfolds, you’ll get to have your say on what the team should do to prepare. You’ll see the impact of your decisions in real time on factors like operational effectiveness, security and communications quality. You’ll emerge from the scenario equipped with: 

  • An understanding of the potential challenges facing businesses and security teams
  • The inherent risks in getting the balance wrong
  • The importance of communication in the new remote working normal