Platform Status

We continuously monitor our platform for performance issues. Should there be any interruptions in service, we will let you know here. You can also find information about scheduled maintenance and expected downtime.

Current platform status: all systems operational

8th May 2020Any Safari users who have upgraded to the latest version (13.1) will be experiencing issues with our labs. Our team are actively working to resolve the issue, but it is not likely to be a quick fix If you are experiencing this issue, we recommend using a different browser for the meantime.All labs when using SafariMediumResolved
24th April 2020We are experiencing performance issues affecting all labs and pages in the platform. Our team is working to resolve these issues.All labs and page on the platformMediumResolved
21st February 2020There is a current issue where platorm emails, including password reset and account activation emails, are not being sent. Our team are currently working on resolving the issue.Emails from the platformMediumResolved
11th November 2019There is a current issue where keyboard presses are not being recognised in practical labs in the Microsoft Edge browser.Practical LabsMediumResolved
5th September 2019We experienced issues with all Secure Coding labs. Our team are investigating the issue.Secure Coding LabsMediumResolved
28th August 2019We are currently experiencing an issue affecting mouse input within practical labs.LabsMediumResolved
30th July 2019We are receiving reports that EC2 labs are not loading. Our team are looking into this issue.LabsMediumResolved
23rd July 2019We have received reports that some users are experiencing issues when viewing the leaderboard and objectives.Leaderboard and ObjectivesMediumResolved
4th April 2019We received a number of reports of intermittent 500 errors on the platform, which led to an investigation by the platform and operation teams. We have resolved this by recovering from a failing Kubernetes node and implementing a more graceful deployment system. We also implemented monitoring alerts on Kubernetes nodes, which will allow us to take a more proactive approach with resolving failing nodes incidents in the future.Entire PlatformMediumResolved

Scheduled maintenance

There is currently no scheduled maintenance.

Experiencing issues?

Should you experience any issues on the platform that are not listed above, please email our Support Team on
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