Are you a cyber pro who’s always wondered about the Immersive Labs hype? Maybe you fancied trying the platform but were unsure about access? If so listen up because we’ve got news for you: we’ve just extended our Community edition, so you can now try us out for free.

Our experts designed this accessible, compact version of our platform for those seeking hands-on experience of emerging threats and security tools. For the past year it has only been available to a select group of lucky users, but now we’re opening it up to the rest of the world. 

In a nutshell, Community is a smorgasbord of handpicked interactive labs covering offensive and defensive security, including AppSec, one of the fastest growing and most important elements of cyber today. Everyone is welcome, from career beginners to seasoned pros – and anyone with the skill (or will) to navigate technical cyber content will benefit from this unrivalled free resource.

By joining Community you can begin tackling labs, earning points, and climbing the global leaderboard, where you will compete with some of the industry’s brightest minds. You will also get instant anytime access to real-world tools and techniques, including red and blue team labs and some of our legendary Immersive Originals series.

Better still, you can win great prizes and earn kudos in capture-the-flags exclusive to Community – all while picking up CPE credits along the way.

So, why are we doing this?

According to (ISC)2, nearly two-thirds of global organizations lack cybersecurity staff, with too few skilled or experienced security personnel their top workplace concern. This is down to underinvestment in technical skills and training; for example, most large businesses in the UK have not sent their cyber staff on training in the past year. We hope that Community can go a little way to helping those at a loss, granting them access to gamified cyber content driven by world-class threat intelligence.

The full Immersive Labs platform provides almost 1000 always-accessible labs, with relevant content added every single week – something eLearning and classroom courses simply can’t compete with. We want to show this off to you today, so take your first steps in Community by clicking below. It’s all completely free: no contracts, no cash, no commitments. All you need to get started is yourself, your email address, and the code GIMMEFREELABS

We can’t wait to see you climb the leaderboard.

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October 12, 2020


Immersive Labs