Recruit without bias

Hire the right person and boost diversity from the pool of talent in our Digital Cyber Academies™.


Recruit your next superstar from our Digital Cyber Academies

Recruit from our huge pool of talent

We operate several global Digital Cyber Academies™ that provide free access for certain individuals to the Immersive Labs skills platform. As users complete labs and develop their cyber skills, they unlock jobs that have been posted by our enterprise clients. Users can only apply for jobs once they have completed the labs listed in the application criteria.

Help increase diversity

Our free academies include access for schools, college/university students, military veterans, and neurodivergent individuals. By recruiting through our Digital Cyber Academies™ organisations remove the need for time-consuming CV sifting — and the unconscious bias that comes with it.

Hire without recruitment or advertising fees

Access to the talent pool across our global academies is free for enterprise customers. You can post new job roles, set assessment paths and hire your next cyber superstar without spending a penny on recruitment or advertising. Better still, you can be sure that applicants have the skills for the job even before they are invited for interview.

The Immersive Labs way

Reduce risk the Immersive way

Organisations are struggling to recruit, train and retain cyber security talent. Immersive Labs brings an innovative approach to identifying, measuring and developing cyber skills, while acknowledging that the best cyber talent want to learn — not be taught. With our practical, intuitive learning platform, you can:

Identify the best cyber talent
Assess your team's cyber capabilities
Recruit your next superstar
Develop your team from novices to ninjas
Retain your top people

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