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Hamilton Capital Holding’s: Hamilton Capital Holding’s janitor lands SOC job using Immersive Labs

Organizational Background

Hamilton Capital Holding is a pioneering UK-based consultancy that provides end-to-end services in technology, legal, marketing, HR, customer relations, proprietary data, and cybersecurity. Hamilton’s expertise is at the forefront of its business offering, priding itself on always being ahead of the curve. It employs digital analytics insights to design solutions that help its clients thrive in a constantly evolving world, and bridges the gap between organization and client by steering the trajectory of a business to achieve excellence.


It’s crucial that Hamilton’s cybersecurity team operates at the highest level of professionalism and is up to date with the latest threats and techniques. Hamilton took the strategic decision to expand its cyber training beyond this team and into other departments to grow and nurture cybersecurity talent elsewhere in the business. The company wanted a training provider that would serve both cyber professionals continuing their development and cyber rookies looking for a career change.


Hamilton invested in 10 Cyber Pro licenses on the Immersive Labs platform. They worked  closely with their dedicated customer success manager to create bespoke objectives that  were mapped to the NIST NICE framework to take users to the next step in their cyber  career. 

Hamilton purchased an additional license for Phillipe, a cleaner at Hamilton who had  expressed an interest in cyber. After his initial interview for a Junior SOC Analyst role,  Hamilton’s recruiting team identified his knowledge gaps and created bespoke Immersive  Labs objectives tailored to his work schedule and abilities.


The hiring manager was able to track Philipe’s progress and increase lab difficulty and  complexity to match the Junior SOC Analyst role requirements. Philipe completed the  assigned labs at weekends and after work and built up his confidence and skills. After two months, Philipe had spent close to 34 hours on the Immersive Labs platform  and completed 154 labs. He successfully passed his interview and started his career as a  Junior SOC Analyst. 

Case Study

17 February 2022

Industry: Consultancy

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