As the world’s leader in lighting, Signify needed a cybersecurity partner capable of continuously upskilling teams of security specialists to keep pace with the hyperspeed evolution of the global threat landscape.


The Immersive Labs hands-on platform is equipped with a library of ever-evolving labs that enable Signify’s security professionals to not only upskill existing capabilities, but to be preemptively ready to respond to tomorrow’s threats today.


Immersive Labs enables Signify employees to develop the skills necessary to stop the next cyber attack before it begins.

  • 25% reduction in cybersecurity spend
  • 50% increase in cyber skills proficiency
  • 25% response time improvement

Competence Quantified

After implementing the Immersive Labs platform, Schwartz gained data-driven visibility into his team’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling him to create hyper-targeted roadmaps for improvement.

“Immersive Labs has been an essential asset in enhancing our cybersecurity posture,” states Schwartz. “The platform’s practical approach to upskilling means our teams are constantly prepared to tackle real-world threats. As Head of Cyber and Threat Intelligence Analysis, the diversity of technical and soft skill development options is invaluable.”


May 13, 2024


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