Leveraging People-Centric Cybersecurity to Improve Security Posture

Cybersecurity incidents have become so pervasive that it is no longer a question of whether an incident
will happen but when. Compounding the challenge, many organizations lack accurate metrics to
understand their security posture and adequate skills and staff expertise to enable it.

Cyber workforce resilience addresses these shortfalls by adopting a primary focus on the people aspects
of cybersecurity. The overall scale and impact of an incident is defined first by both the team’s ability to
react and its effective preparation driven by a well-disciplined and trained staff.

Download this GigaOm CxO Decision Brief, commissioned by Immersive Labs, to learn:

  • The value of a cyber workforce resilience platform
  • The urgency and risk surrounding emerging cyber threats
  • Best practices for preparing your team against unknown vulnerabilities

This GigaOm CxO Decision Brief was commissioned by Immersive Labs.


April 25, 2023