TechRepublic: How micro-drilling can enhance your cybersecurity training

As appeared in Tech Republic on 12 February, 2021

Agile thinking is important in dealing with cyberattacks. Read one psychologist's tips for cybersecurity professionals on how to adapt and stop the attackers.

With a constant barrage of cyberattacks plaguing cybersecurity staffs, one expert has a new way to train teams in cognitive agility, which we discussed in a previous article, Cognitive agility can help solve some "wicked" cybersecurity challenges. Since cognitive agility is a learned behavior and a somewhat unusual one, psychologist Rebecca McKeown, in her second Immersive Labs article on the topic, The Psychology of Cyber: How to build cognitive agility with micro-drilling, offered suggestions on how cybersecurity department heads can make cognitive agility part of their training regimens.  

McKeown and others have successfully used this training methodology in other industries, increasing their confidence it will apply equally well to cybersecurity. McKeown identified the following points as being critical.

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12 February 2021

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