Innovative cyber attacks are on the rise—threatening corporate and government infrastructure, supply chains, brand reputations, and revenues. One of the best ways to prepare for the evolving threats of tomorrow is to revisit the details of recent major cybersecurity incidents. The benefit of hindsight can help us spot warning signs and avoid poor security practices in our organizations.

Listen in as we walk through three recent use cases where a new threat caught organizations off-guard. We discuss:

  • How to recognize the tactics, techniques, and procedures (or TTPs) that attackers used in each threat instance
  • Best practice tips that organizations can use to improve both their resilience to new threats and their response times to incidents
  • Threat landscape predictions for 2023


Kev Breen

Director Cyber Threat Research, Immersive Labs

Dan Potter

Director Operational Resilience, Immersive Labs

Bec McKeown

Director Human Science, Immersive Labs


March 2, 2023