Cyber attacks are on the rise, threatening corporate and government infrastructure, supply chains, brand reputations, and revenues. Eighty-two percent of global breaches involve the human element, from the cybersecurity team to executive decision-making. Today’s threat landscape raises the question: how do you know your teams are ready for the next attack? Everyone needs to be prepared, from Techs to Execs.

Tech stacks alone can’t solve the problem and traditional cybersecurity training is inadequate to meet cyber leaders’ needs. To confront new and emerging threats, workforces need the capabilities, knowledge, and judgment to respond effectively to attacks, while leaders need to rapidly understand areas of weakness and fill team skills gaps. A new people-centric approach to cybersecurity offers an effective solution to new and emerging threats.

Listen in as Chris Grundemann, GigaOm Analyst, and Kev Breen, Immersive Labs Director of Threat Research, discuss:

  • The current threat landscape
  • Top threats facing organizations today
  • Best practices for confronting emerging cyber threats
  • A new people-centric approach to cybersecurity that helps drive cyber resilience across the workforce


Chris Grundemann

Analyst, GigaOm

Kev Breen

Director of Threat Research, Immersive Labs