Cyber attacks are on the rise, threatening corporate and government infrastructure, supply chains, brand reputations, and revenues. Eighty-two percent of global breaches involve the human element, including social attacks, errors, and misuse, and global cyber attacks cost organizations billions of dollars every year. Today’s threat landscape raises the question: how do you know your teams are ready for the next attack?

Technology alone can’t solve the problem. To confront new and emerging threats, workforces need the capabilities, knowledge, and judgement to respond effectively to attacks, while leaders need to rapidly understand areas of weakness and fill team skills gaps.

Check out this on-demand webinar as industry leaders discuss:

  • The biggest people-related challenges facing CISOs today
  • New and emerging threats that are challenging CISOs and their people
  • How CISOs and other security professionals can help their people become a vital part of their organization’s defense against cyber threats


Ed Amoroso

CEO & Founder, TAG Cyber

Christopher Porter

CISO, Fannie Mae

Paul Bentham

Chief Product Officer, Immersive Labs