Supply chain-based cyberattacks are one of the biggest threats facing companies in 2022. What decisions would you make if you were the software development company whose third-party library had been targeted, potentially impacting its entire downstream customer supply chain?

In this webinar, you will take on the role of a CISO at a software development company. Your products are used by organizations across the globe, including Fortune 500 companies. In this scenario, a globally respected Security Research Team has informed you that they have found a backdoor in your popular third-party library. This leaves both you and hundreds of thousands of customers who use this app vulnerable to a targeted attack.

The Research Team has given you 5 days grace before they will make the information public in order to help organizations mitigate against future effects. These 5 days will be critical. Can your Crisis Management team navigate its way through this situation, successfully defending its network while also protecting its supply chain, reputation and brand value?

During this session you will use Immersive Labs’ Crisis Simulator, which creates realistic incident response problems inspired by real-life events. As a participant you will have the opportunity to use the platform to help test your own skills, as you listen to the exciting storyline and debate the responses with the team of experts, who are all on hand to guide you through this interactive experience.

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Bec has significant academic experience of delivering scientifically-robust research for regulatory, industry and government sectors, including the UK Ministry of Defense. The knowledge and insights gained from this research has given Bec a unique perspective on the ways humans react in times of crisis. She works at both operational and strategic levels, with a focus on situational awareness, decision-making and problem-solving in complex environments.

Kev Breen is the director of Cyber Threat Research at Immersive Labs where he researches new and emerging cyber threats. Prior to his civilian life Kev, spent 15 years in the military serving as a Radio Technician and Trunk Comms Specialist before transitioning to a Cyber Security Analyst, specializing in Malware Analysis. After leaving the military, he continued to work in Cyber Security running a CIRT team for a defense contractor before joining Immersive Labs. Outside of his work life, Kev can be found publishing or contributing to Open Source tools and projects or reading a Sci-Fi book.

Dan worked at Citi for over 15 years, gaining significant expertise in the design, delivery and management of resilience related disciplines including crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery (including cyber), third party resilience and exercising. Dan regularly engaged with regulators, clients and boards and held a number of industry positions including Co-Chair of the Bank of England Sector Exercise Group (SEG) and leading various projects for the Cross Market Operational Resilience Group (CMORG).

As director of community content at CyberRisk Alliance, Bradley Barth develops content for SC Media online conferences and events, as well as video/multimedia projects. For nearly six years, he wrote and reported for SC Media as deputy editor and, before that, senior reporter. He was previously a program executive with the tech-focused PR firm Voxus. Past journalistic experience includes stints as business editor at Executive Technology, a staff writer at New York Sportscene and a freelance journalist covering travel and entertainment. In his spare time, Bradley also writes screenplays.


July 25, 2022




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