Retain your cyber superstars

Cyber is notorious for its high staff turnover. Give your team something extra to stay for and buck the trend.


Retain your best talent, the Immersive Labs way

Get the most out of your team by investing in them

Studies have shown that staff who feel invested in and valued through the time and money spent on their development are more likely to stay in their role. You can get the most back from your employees by showing that you want to invest in them and their skills.

Stop the churn by offering a fun, accessible means of career development

With the Immersive Labs platform you are giving your workforce a fun, accessible and accredited means of self-improvement, which you can measure and reward accordingly. You can use the platform to evidence continuous skills development.

Promote competition and identify talent with our leaderboard

The platform's leaderboard encourages healthy competition amongst staff for skill improvement and keeps them up to date. As a manager, the leaderboard helps you identify talent and then analyse a user’s skills profile to learn more about their progression.

The Immersive Labs way

Reduce risk the Immersive way

Organisations are struggling to recruit, train and retain cyber security talent. Immersive Labs brings an innovative approach to identifying, measuring and developing cyber skills, while acknowledging that the best cyber talent want to learn — not be taught. With our practical, intuitive learning platform, you can:

Identify the best cyber talent
Assess your team's cyber capabilities
Recruit your next superstar
Develop your team from novices to ninjas
Retain your top people

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