Attackers are continuously powering up. Are your security teams?

From the moment that linear, once a year training courses are over, relevant cyber skills begin to decay. Immersive Labs keeps your security teams, developers, networking and other IT teams in touch with the very latest tools and attack techniques, through hands-on, challenge-based skill experiences. And provides businesses with vital evidence of that human expertise.

Don’t wait for the lockdown to lift to boost your organization’s human cyber readiness.

Human cyber readiness isn’t built in a classroom or in front of a PowerPoint deck – and that was never truer than now. While you wait for in-person courses to start again – and who knows when that’ll be? – your team’s skills are eroding. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for threat actors, who are busier than ever making the most of the current crisis.

But we have the solution.

Immersive Labs empowers organizations to increase, measure and demonstrate human capabilities in every part of cybersecurity.

Use this opportunity to harness the power of remote learning.

Your team are working from home. They’ve reclaimed their commute. And they are hungry to learn.

74% of employees want to learn in their spare time at work, so give them a tool that allows them to learn at their pace and when it suits them, leaving classroom-based training where it belongs: in the past.

Immersive Labs is empowering organizations around the world to maximize the cyber capability of their entire workforce