Reduce risk the Immersive Labs Way

Immersive Labs brings you an innovative approach to identifying, measuring and developing cyber skills.


The state of Cyber Security

Organisations are struggling to identify, assess, recruit, develop and retain Cyber Security talent. We took a snapshot of the state of Cyber Security in 2018, asking 50 leaders and Immersive Labs users from across the industry:

Is the lack of diversity a problem in Cyber Security?

77% say Yes

Is the cyber skills shortage affecting your business?

75% say Yes

Is there a big enough talent pool in Cyber Security?

89% say No

When it comes to getting the best talent for your organisation, what would you prefer to spend money on? 51% say "personalised training on a 'per employee' basis"

Introducing the Immersive Labs way

Buck the industry trend. Identify talent, assess and recruit the best and build a culture of continuous learning so that your entire organisation never stops developing and your people never want to leave.

Identify the very best cyber talent

Your next cyber hero could be in IT support right now. Discover hidden talent in your organisation.

Immersive Labs in action: One of our enterprise consultancy customers identified hidden cyber talent in an audit and tax consultant who had developed skills through the Immersive Labs platform. She is now joining their cyber security team.

Are you ready to solve the skills shortage?



Assess your team’s cyber skills

Set assessment paths to find out how great your team and future recruits are.

Immersive Labs in action: A client is using the assessment engine to benchmark skills needed within a customised security role framework. Other customers are using the assessment mode to screen external candidates ahead of face-to-face interviews.

Measure your team’s success



Recruit your next superstar

Find the right person for the job and boost diversity with our Digital Cyber Academies™.

Immersive Labs in action: Deloitte, BAE Systems, Grant Thornton, Digital Shadows and PGI have all advertised cyber security roles through the Immersive Jobs portal to our Digital Cyber Academy users. Applications are progressed according to the skills demonstrated through completed labs, removing time-consuming CV sifting and the unconscious bias that comes with it.

Hire with no recruitment fees



Develop your novices and your ninjas

Upskill everyone – from receptionist to SOC analyst to CEO – and help make your organisation the safest it can be.

Immersive Labs in action: For specific organisations, we have developed bespoke content that can be accessed through their private network, essentially turning the platform into their own private academy.  

Protect your organisation. Protect your clients



Retain your cyber superstars

Cyber is notorious for its high staff turnover. Help buck the trend by giving your team something extra.

Immersive Labs in action: With the Immersive Labs platform you are giving your workforce a fun, accessible and accredited means of self-improvement which you can measure and reward accordingly.

Stop the churn

How we do what we do

  • Hundreds of labs to improve your novices and your ninjas
  • Leaderboards drive competition and skills development
  • Real world scenarios allow users to get up close and personal with malware in a safe environment
  • Learn anytime, anywhere with our browser-based labs
  • No special software needed
  • Management portal allows you to manage teams and gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses

Let us show you how we can add value to your enterprise

We can help you recruit, develop and retain the best Cyber Security talent, ensuring your Board can sleep at night. So what are you waiting for?

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