How Cyber Million Works

We believe in a world where organizations hire based on skills, not academic pedigree certifications or experience. To make that vision a reality, we:

  • Partner with forward-thinking organizations to supply entry-level cybersecurity jobs to candidates
  • Deliver on-demand, skills-first exercises to candidates that map to industry standards for job roles
  • Connect skilled candidates with posted roles, eliminating traditional barriers to entry

Benefits for employment partners

  • Implement a skills-first approach to recruiting and hiring
  • Uncover hidden talent by opening your roles to a broader candidate pool
  • Increase diversity across cyber teams and demonstrate your commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives
  • Reduce employee ramp time for new staff
  • Ensure new hires have necessary skills, not just certifications
  • Build resilience against cyber attacks and mitigate risk

Benefits for job seekers

  • Prove problem-solving ability through skill-first assessment
  • Unlock access to entry-level cybersecurity roles
  • Bypass traditional limitations surrounding education, certification, and experience
  • Gain whenever, wherever access to an on-demand career path

Become an Employment Partner or Supporting Organization

Today’s global cyber talent shortage can only be solved through innovative industry collaboration. Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the future of cyber hiring, while filling current vacant roles with skilled candidates.

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