Organizational Background

Milwaukee Tool, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, accessories, and hand tools for professional users worldwide, recognized the need for a comprehensive, interactive security training solution for their development team.

Challenges Faced

Operating in diverse development environments, the company sought a training program that covered a broad range of scenarios – from internal processes and information management to customer-facing applications. With Application Security being a nascent function within the business, it provided an excellent opportunity to assess existing skills and identify areas for improvement within the cybersecurity and application security teams.

Identifying the Right Solution

Seeking a cybersecurity solution that offered high interactivity and a comprehensive library of labs, Milwaukee Tool turned to Immersive Labs. They needed a platform that could cater to their diverse development environments, offer custom course creation, and track coursework completion across their three main business units: native tool software development, mobile application development, and Microsoft development.

Customized Upskilling and Training with Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs’ platform stood out due to the quality of its material and the ability to customize content. Leaders from the three business units collaborated to build custom collections within the AppSec environment, ensuring that the training content was relevant and effective for each team’s unique area of expertise.


March 18, 2024


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