Join us at Infosecurity Europe on June 21–23 to play through our exciting Cyber Crisis Simulation, where you’ll guide the McLaren racing team through a cyber crisis!

The scenario

In Formula 1, optimizing team performance is crucial to getting ahead. Engineers continuously refine the balance of a car, pit crews strive to shave milliseconds from a pit-stop, and drivers practice for every on-track decision and maneuver. It’s the difference between winning and losing.

The same can be said for cybersecurity. Informed by a continual stream of threat data, everyone from front-line security teams to executives needs to adapt and respond to ensure resilience. Both must continually optimize knowledge, skills, and judgment. Both find power in teamwork.

As McLaren’s official Cyber Workforce Resilience partner, Immersive Labs plays a key role in the continual refinement of human cyber capabilities at the organization. Continuously testing, analyzing, and improving the knowledge, skills, and judgment of the team will help them stay cyber resilient off the track, so they can perform on it.

After all, being out in front is the only thing that matters.

The exercise

Exercising and simulation are unrivaled when it comes to equipping teams with crisis response muscle memory – and F1 is a great example.

At maximum speed, while pushing the absolute limit, the drivers find a way to increase performance on the fly. It’s hugely impressive, but the only reason they can respond appropriately – especially when something goes wrong – is that they’ve built muscle memory when thrown those challenges in highly realistic simulations.

Now, you have the chance to exercise this way too.

In this cyber crisis scenario, you’ll control McLaren’s decision making trackside and beyond at the British Grand Prix, balancing reputation, security, and performance as a ransomware incident unfolds.

The event

We’ll be at stand G20 throughout the Infosecurity Europe conference on June 21–23. Join us for a live run-through of this exercise, where you’ll be faced with major decisions to keep the drivers safe, protect McLaren’s reputation, and win the race.

You’ll also have the chance to win some great prizes: McLaren official Lego sets, Immersive swag, and tickets to our happy hour drinks party are all up for grabs. Just bring a business card with you to be entered into our prize draw.

What is Cyber Crisis Sim?

Immersive Labs’ Cyber Crisis Simulator is an online solution that drops defenders and decision makers into real-time cyber crises. The system challenges teams to make critical decisions when dealing with emerging incidents such as ransomware outbreaks, insider threats, and spearphishing attacks.

*Partnership ended on December 31st, 2023

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June 13, 2022


Immersive Labs