As an industry that wears its rapid pace of change as a badge of honour, cybersecurity demands a constantly evolving set of skills. This kind of intensity is nearly impossible to achieve in the classroom, where material is accessible for a limited time and outdated soon after delivery. So before you commit significant cost and time to a classroom-based course, consider the potential drawbacks. 

Learn like a hacker

Traditional learning methods don’t naturally align to cybersecurity. Those who excel in this field are the most curious among us – the type who break things apart to see how they work and look for creative routes to solve problems. Static eLearning courses with talking heads and screen captures don’t satisfy this curiosity; it demands interactive, on-demand learning that delivers practical experience of real-world threats.

LinkedIn’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report found that 74% of employees want to learn in their spare time at work. But to upskill on their terms, 24/7 access to a lightweight resource is essential. This is where Immersive Labs is changing the game.

Our on-demand cyber skills content gives you hands-on experience with tools, technology and sandboxed malware, all delivered directly through the browser. If you are looking for certifications, much of Immersive Labs’ content is CREST-certified or directly aligned to the NIST NICE framework. We believe that effective cyber skills development is more than just a piece of paper; it’s enabling the constant adaptation required to be effective in cybersecurity. 

Training scenarios that might take hours or even days to set up for a classroom are instantly accessible in our cloud-based platform. There is unlimited access to a growing library of interactive labs, so when new threat intelligence comes to light, you can rapidly understand the potential impact. 

We also work hard on gamifying our content. Skills development rockets when people have fun, so we’ve incorporated leaderboards, badges and many other interactive game mechanics to get people hooked on learning – even non-technical users, who often struggle to engage with cybersecurity.

Proving the value in skills development

For businesses, training and certifications (particularly in this industry) are a significant investment. The challenge is demonstrating the engagement of employees and the return on that investment in an effective way. A cloud-based skills development platform not only delivers metrics on usage but also aligns skills to business risk. Using frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK, organizations can visualize their most pressing risks alongside the skill levels of their relevant people.

Today, every organization needs visibility around its security posture, and every employee needs the opportunity to upskill. If you want to drive down your organization’s cyber risk while reducing training costs, book a demo and see our unique technology today.

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July 10, 2019




Immersive Labs