Cyber leaders are facing mounting pressure to build and prove cyber resilience – the acumen to respond effectively to cyber threats across the workforce. Yet, according to a Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot commissioned by Immersive Labs, cybersecurity teams are currently ill-equipped to protect their companies or even diffuse the impact of cyber incidents. They are concerned about a lack of cyber workforce capabilities, judgement, and resources to respond effectively.

The report covers the following and more:

  • 84% of cyber leaders feel increasing pressure to be prepared for the next cyber attack
  • More than 80% agree they could have mitigated some to all of the damage of their most significant cyber incident in the last year if they were more cyber resilient
  • Cybersecurity professionals may have an overconfidence problem amid conflicting assessments of preparedness for attacks
  • Lack of security talent with the right skills is the main obstacle to cyber resilience, but firms overlook hires with high potential
  • Firms should increase investment in continuous upskilling through exercises and training, such as live simulations and upskilling platforms, to bridge capability gaps