Join us at Infosecurity Europe on June 21–23 to play through our exciting Cyber Crisis Simulation Insider Threat: Pharma Drama!

The scenario

Pharma is vulnerable.

The sector, which bridges the healthcare–business divide and deals extensively with data and intellectual property (IP), is a tantalizing prospect for malicious actors.

When medical innovation and patient information data is vulnerable, protecting labratories and IP is no mean feat. But organizations that mishandle this highly valuable data can forfeit drug production and lose consumer trust.

Perhaps the greatest threat facing the industry, however, lies inside the walls. Insider threats are as much a public health issue as they are an economic one; they can hamper a pharma company’s ability to remain competitive, and thus pose a risk to potential patients.

The exercise

Insider Threat: Pharma Drama begins when multinational pharmaceutical company discovers a rival business has stolen IP about its groundbreaking antidepressant.

One of your colleagues has accessed some restricted files, and in doing so has left a backdoor open for someone to siphon off some valuable data – which eventually falls into the hands of your competitor.

In this scenario, participants must use their decision-making skills to find the insider threat, manage the growing crisis, and prevent the loss of potentially billions of dollars.

As well as the chance to improve crisis management skills at a strategic level, there are also opportunities for technical teams to get involved, with purpose-built labs included throughout.

The event

We’ll be at stand G20 throughout the Infosecurity Europe conference on June 21–23. Join us for a live run through of this exercise, where you’ll be faced with major decisions to save the company from operational and reputational disaster.

You’ll also have the chance to win some great prizes: Lego sets, Immersive swag, and tickets to our happy hour drinks party are all up for grabs. Just bring a business card with you to be entered into our prize draw.

What is Cyber Crisis Sim?

Immersive Labs’ Cyber Crisis Simulator is an online solution that drops defenders and decision makers into real-time cyber crises. The system challenges teams to make critical decisions when dealing with emerging incidents such as ransomware outbreaks, insider threats, and spearphishing attacks.

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June 8, 2022




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