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Cyber Crisis Simulator

When the worst happens not even the best incident response plans can account for the human element. You might know how your tech will work under pressure but what about you and your people? 


Once more into a breach

Immersive Labs Cyber Crisis Simulator throws decision-makers into an emerging attack scenario. You’ll be able to experience how human psychology plays its part in an evolving crisis and see the impact of decisions made under pressure in real time.

Way beyond static tabletops and slides

Businesses have never been more aware of the risks – and increased likelihood – of cyberattacks. Effective exercising of potential scenarios prepares organizations for the worst. Too often these scenarios are highly linear, meaning they lack the dynamism of a real-world crisis. Our sim is built to drive your organization’s cyber resilience and human readiness.


Dynamic storylines

These responsive scenarios create rich, realistic storylines that twist and turn based on the choices you make.


Instant impact

See the knock on effects of decisions reflected in real-time indicators. Decide to go public on your breach? How does that impact your share price or customer confidence?


Actionable insights

Don’t just end an exercise and hope everyone learnt something. The simulator will collate responses in an auto-generated report, including rating participants confidence and decision justifications.

Top scenarios


This objective is designed for any user at any organization. It provides an overview of the challenges of cybersecurity, the basics of how threats work and introduces fundamental cyber terminology and technology.

Insider Threat

More colleagues are working remotely than ever before. This objective introduces remote workers to the basics of cybersecurity. Upon completion users will have covered the essential basic knowledge in cyber security, helping them to work more securely and protect themselves and their organisation while away from the office.

Custom scenarios

The power in any exercise is making it feel as real and relevant as possible. Cyber Crisis Simulator enables organizations to populate scenarios with content directly relevant to their industry vertical, risk profile or technology stack.

"Cyber Crisis Simulator allowed us to simultaneously facilitate a realistic ransomware exercise across central banks and financial institutions."

See it in action

We ran through a live crisis scenario of a ransomware attack with a group of our customers on a recent webinar.

We help businesses to increase and evidence human capability in every part of cybersecurity.

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