Learning like hackers to stay ahead of the game

77% of security leaders say that gamification could be used to make their organization safer. Instead of checkbox training that’s forgotten in days, our technology uses game mechanics and encourages creativity to meet objectives relevant to a user’s role.

Harness the motivating power of competition

The meteoric rise of online gaming is clearer due to the addictive nature of competition with our peers. We employ game mechanics including experience points, rewards and leaderboards to encourage healthy competition and get users hooked.

Interaction, exploration and incident simulation

Traditional online training is often a case of “next, next, finish”. Immersive Labs is designed to make scenarios as real as possible, encouraging self-research and the creative application of other resources so users can learn by doing.

Story-based simulations to empower your teams

To defend against hackers your teams need to understand how they think. Our labs drop users into simulated attacks such as a bank being targeted by organized criminals, a data breach at a healthcare provider, and a crippled airport terminal.

Challenge expertise in your very own cyber arena

Immersive Labs has specially developed content designed for use in live or online events and hackathons. These capture-the-flag exercises pit users against one another in real-time and showcase elite users with exceptional talent.

Ready to see for yourself?

Take a tour of our platform including the chance to get hands-on with emerging threats, CTF style challenges and playable cyber crisis simulations.

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