The problem for cybersecurity leaders is not measuring the effectiveness of technology – it is measuring the effectiveness of people. This is especially difficult for CISOs joining new companies, where they need to grasp their new employees’ capabilities at speed. It’s a daunting challenge, but one that must be undertaken before recruitment, skills development and risk analysis can begin.

Cybersecurity’s high churn rate complicates matters. Last year ISC2 found that just 15% of cyber professionals had no plans to leave their current role, highlighting the need for every business to be able to measure its cyber skills. Upskilling talent can prove more cost effective than hiring in; however, workforce skills assessment, which is key to the process, remains a pain point for security leaders everywhere.

At Immersive Labs, we want to change this. That’s why we’ve created the Cyber Capability Score, a workforce assessment metric woven into the fabric of our platform. This innovation harnesses the data you need to visualize the cyber strengths and weaknesses in your teams at a glance, which means your skills development strategy can be more targeted than ever.

The Cyber Capability Score doesn’t just analyze skills in your business though; it also compares them with the skills present in other businesses, benchmarking what ‘good’ looks like in your industry and globally. And the best part is, this all happens in real time. Unlike traditional cybersecurity courses, which are outdated before they’re even delivered, Immersive Labs’ security content derives from threat intelligence, meaning your team develops the skills to reduce cyber risk on the fly.

This measure of your organization’s cyber capabilities is based on two key things: how quickly your team complete the latest Cyber Threat Intelligence labs, and how many labs mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework your team cover. By completing our newest labs your team will stay abreast of the threat landscape, getting to grips with the tools and techniques that attackers rely on today.

Once you know your score, this can be used to help key decision-makers understand their cyber team’s capabilities and its readiness to mitigate cyber threats. The score can also give CISOs and C-level execs a measure for the timeliness of their cyber teams reacting to new threats. In future, this could help determine the level of compliance against industry standards. 

It is easy to measure the cyber risk of your hardware, software and physical security. However, only our Cyber Capability Score delivers a live metric to rate the security skills of your workforce against emerging threats and relevant risks. If you would like to see our latest feature in action, try Immersive Labs Lite for free today.


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September 17, 2019




Immersive Labs