How Can You Align Cyber Capability to Risk?

Arm the entire organization with role-specific cyber knowledge, skills and judgment, at scale, with minimal management. Progressive learning environments plug gaps in knowledge using scalable content experiences tailored to each individual dependent on role and business risk. The result—you can upskill teams and individuals, and prove to stakeholders that your organization is building the resilience it needs to tackle the latest threats

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Understand where knowledge, skills and judgment are required in both technical and non-technical teams across the organization and develop these skills. Evolve from tactical labs to the strategic development of capabilities in a measurable way which matches the threat landscape.

Always relevant

Our approach to human capability development puts real tools and threat actor techniques in the hands of those tasked with defending against them. Our lab teams have extensive experience in training technical and non-technical people across various industries, law enforcement and intelligence services.


When the latest threats hit, we get new content and experiences onto the platform within a short four hours.

Simple, Safe

Security teams don’t get to face attacks every day. CWO creates a safe proving ground for users to test out unused tools and problem-solving techniques, while managers can easily task teams with the skill objectives most relevant to business risks.

Cyber Workforce Benchmark 2022

18 months. 2,100 organizations. 500,000 cyber exercises. What did we discover about the world’s cyber workforce capabilities? Dive into the data with us to find out.

UK Police upskills staff with Immersive Labs

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The team has a much better understanding of the potential risks out there and has used Immersive Labs to understand the options to stop the attack and the impacts on business efficiency with each option available. It helps us make more informed decision about the best way to tackle and incident.

Adam Gwinnett
Head of Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Cybersecurity

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Benchmark current knowledge, skills and judgment through realistic, role-specific, cyber simulations across the entire workforce, with minimal impact on resources.

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Map human capability data and insights to accepted risk frameworks for a real-time picture of cyber resilience and risks, benchmarked to peers.

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Cyber Resilience,
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