Need to Prove Cyber Capabilities in Real Time?

Use benchmarked peer data and common industry frameworks such as MITRE|ATT&CK®, to map human capability to risk. Real-time platform telemetry on factors such as existing expertise, and impact scores in a crisis, generate a baseline of your workforce’s knowledge, skills, and judgment. The result—greater understanding of cyber resilience, and more relevant strategies, benchmarking and and budgeting.

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Real-time Tracking

CWO lets you visualize the strengths and weaknesses in your human capability and map these against widely used recognized frameworks, on organizational, team and individual levels. With weaknesses spotted, you can instantly fix the gaps.

Clarity to Hiring

CWO brings clarity to the hiring cycle, so organizations can test and hire based on proven, more relevant skills, which helps ensure quality hires and eliminates unconscious bias.


CWO content is developed within hours of newly uncovered vulnerabilities and exploits. Defensive and offensive teams get hands-on with the latest threat actor techniques.

Cyber Workforce Benchmark 2022

18 months. 2,100 organizations. 500,000 cyber exercises. What did we discover about the world’s cyber workforce capabilities? Dive into the data with us to find out.

Immersive Labs Partners with Kroll to Deliver Remote Crisis Exercise to Thailand Banking

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Realistic simulation of current threats is the only way to test and improve response readiness, and to ensure that the impact of a real attack is minimized. Immersive Labs’ innovative platform, combined with Kroll’s extensive experience, provides the closest thing to replication of a real incident—all within a safe virtual environment.

Paul Jackson
Regional Managing Director, APAC Cyber Risk

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Benchmark current knowledge, skills and judgment through realistic, role-specific, cyber simulations across the entire workforce, with minimal impact on resources.

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Plug gaps in knowledge, skills and judgment using scalable content experiences tailored to each individual dependent on role and business risk.

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