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Instant access to hands-on cyber experiences

There should be no barriers to how, where, and when new skills are developed through hands-on experiences. Immersive Labs’ content empowers and engages teams through a flexible and lightweight cloud-based platform.

Equipping your teams on their terms

Immersive Labs provides unrestricted access to resources and enables users to upskill anywhere, any time. We believe developing cyber readiness should be as accessible (and engaging) as a novel on a train or a podcast on a bus.


Lab machines and networks spun up in seconds

Our cloud architecture lets users spin up networks of machines with multiple operating systems (including Kali Linux and Windows) instantly from the cloud. There’s no sharing of resources or configuration of virtual machines required.


Bite-sized content to maximize human bandwidth

Unlike traditional courses with large chunks of content and assessments, Immersive Labs delivers consumable and directly relevant skill experiences that users can usually complete in less than an hour. Our labs focus on completing specific tasks or solving challenges during small chunks of a working day.


Challenges built for turning tech novices into security ninjas

One in five cybersecurity professionals join the industry from a different sector, proving that those with the right talents can transition. Immersive Labs provides pathways for skills development to equip capable individuals to become cybersecurity experts.

We help businesses to increase and evidence human capability in every part of cybersecurity.

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