Hands-on with emerging threats in hours

New threats are uncovered every day, so the pace of cybersecurity demands rapid and ongoing development of skills. Immersive Labs instantly delivers bite-sized training content to upskill teams.

Evolving threats call for evolving skills

Cybersecurity experiences must be constant to be effective. Like gamers, security experts are curious, creative individuals with a penchant for problem solving; our industry never stops moving, and neither should your team’s skill levels.


Powered by security experts and the latest intelligence

Our expert team of threat content developers leverage partnerships with leading threat intelligence companies. Once new threats are identified we rapidly build and deploy relevant training to our interactive labs, so instead of just wading through pages of PDF reports, your team can get hands-on in a safe, sandboxed environment.


Don't measure experience in time alone, measure it in actual experience

In traditional job roles length of experience over a period of time is seen as the best measure of human capability. In an industry driven by technology that moves at breakneck speed, that time can be greatly reduced. We give individuals the most relevant hands-on experience in the shortest amount of time to enable them to be most effective in their role.


Define skill pathways that align to specific roles in your business

Where you’re looking to develop individuals into specific roles, Immersive Labs has sets of predefined objectives to bring a user up to the required level. And that’s not the end; as new and relevant content is developed, it can be added and automatically assigned.

We help businesses to increase and evidence human capability in every part of cybersecurity.

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